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Local Search Results For Business

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When someone uses a search engine like Google to find a product or service, the search engine tries to provide the most relevant and useful results.

Increasingly, Google is providing more local results, which of course makes sense in alot of instances.

However, it is not so clean cut.

For instance, someone searching for ‘vacuum cleaners’ typically brings up search results from websites across the country and not local results. To bring up local results in this instance, you have to add the location of where you are searching for so search for ‘vacuum cleaners in carlisle’ and it does bring up local results.

local search results

local search results


Search for ‘music lessons’ brings up local search results, and didnt even need to type the location!

Perhaps products never bring up local results? No, search for ‘computers’ and you will get local business listings and in the organic listings are countrywide.

Hm, well whats going on! Possibly search terms are being checked against the categories in business local search….lots of things are happening and Google as always isnt straight to the point, and only experience and testing will point you in the right direction on how you need to act on all of this for your own business.

Instead of all this confusion, contact us on how we can sort out your online marketing!

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